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03/26/2013 | 10:57AM


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1. What does it cost to join Create The Good?

Nothing. All Create The Good tools are provided to you at no charge with no hidden fees.


2. What types of organizations can use Create The Good?

All kinds! We designed the system for volunteer coordinators at nonprofits, schools, AARP state offices or other community organizations.


3. Do I have to be a 501(c)(3) to submit volunteer opportunities?



4. My organization does not have volunteer opportunities - are there other ways Create The Good can help my organization?

We encourage you to share stories about your organization via the ‘Share Your Story’ section of the Create The Good site. The Create The Good team is always looking for great stories of service to promote throughout the AARP ecosystem.

Visit to learn more.


5. Do I have to be 50+ to submit opportunities?

No. We encourage submissions from all people of all ages.


6. Do opportunities submissions have to be for a 50+ volunteer?

They do not. That said, this is Create The Good’s main demographic, so opportunities with appeal for 50+ people typically get more attention.


7. What types of opportunities are you looking for?

Create The Good is looking for a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. The only common thread would be that they create a positive experience for the volunteer through which s/he is able to do good within the community. Create The Good opportunities fall into several categories:



“In Your Area” - these are opportunities that require volunteers to be at a particular location to participate.

“In Your State” - these are opportunities in which volunteers could participate at any number of locations throughout the selected state (e.g. a statewide food drive).  

Volunteer From Home - these are opportunities a volunteer can participate in through the Internet or the phone.

8. We only need skilled volunteers. Does Create The Good include these types of volunteer opportunities?

Absolutely! 50+ volunteers have a lot to offer in this area so you’ve come to the right place.


9. I need to cancel my opportunity on short notice.  How do I get a hold of registered volunteers?

If you took advantage of Create The Good’s registration function when creating your opportunity, you should have received a confirmation email with contact information for each registered volunteer.


If you opted out of Create The Good’s registration support we are not able to help you reach out to your volunteers.


In any case you should visit your Opportunity Management Dashboard and cancel the active opportunity so as to not attract any additional volunteers.


10. How do I add links and formatting to my opportunity descriptions?

We are unable to include links and formatting within the description of your opportunity. If you do have a URL you would like to pass to prospective volunteers, please include it in the ‘Relevant URL’ section of the Post Opportunity form.


For more details about posting opportunities on Create the Good download our instruction manual.

Any Questions or feedback? Email for help.