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Fresh ideas!

A new year brings new ways of thinking, and plenty of opportunity to rethink your volunteering. Giving back never gets old when you’re open to change. Here are few ideas to take your volunteering in a new direction, or to the next level.

Try your hand at arts and crafts.
If you’re an expert knitter, try crochet. Or share your knowledge with someone else in your community, or the whole world by uploading a video to your social media platform or creating a blog. You can donate your goods to a worthy cause, or use them to raise funds for the charity of your choice. And speaking of arts, how connected are you with your local arts scene? This may be your year to help out with an upcoming production back stage, at the ticket booth or in any capacity that needs volunteers.

Play the field.
Baseball season is approaching and that means Little League will be searching for coaches, umpires and administrative help. You can also reach out to your town, park and recreation district for information about other sports that may need coaching, scorekeeping or officiating assistance. Or connect with your local YMCA for current opportunities. They run athletic programs from youth to older adult.

Make a change for the better.
Is your current volunteer gig getting a little long in the teeth? Try something totally new by searching for opportunities near you. Or look here to find new ways to get inspired. Perhaps its time to consider a climb up the volunteer ladder by assuming a managerial role, or branching out and starting a volunteer organization of your own. If you’re already running an organization, the New Year is a great time to get feedback from your current volunteers.

Give the babies unconditional love.
The nation is in the midst of an opioid crisis, and the challenge for hospitals has become severe. You can help lighten the load for medical professionals by volunteering to cuddle or rock babies born to moms suffering from addiction. If your local hospital operates a newborn nursery, contact them to find out how you can help. Shifts are flexible and background checks are likely required, but the experience is like no other, and the demand continues to rise. Want to make the world brighter? Consider Project Sunshine. This non-profit provides free educational, recreational, and social programs to children facing medical challenges, and their families. And they currently work with over 15,000 volunteers.

Take on 2018 with a plan.
Like any New Year’s resolution, when you resolve to create more good, you’ll want to have a good plan. Think about your volunteer approach in the prior year? Is it time to dial it up, or down? Perhaps you never really had a set routine. If so, consider seeking out a daily, weekly or monthly volunteer role. This way you can approach 2018 with a more of a routine. And if you have a personal goal for 2018 in mind, like losing weight, eating better or learning a new skill, find someone you know and approach it as a team. You’ll find it much easier to stick to the plan and achieve your goals.

Keep coming back for new ideas, all-year-round. This local volunteer search is always one click away.

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