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Here's what you told us

Late last year, we reached out to readers with a small request—to take a short survey that would help us create a more engaging, enlightening and inspiring createthegood.org. First, a heartfelt thanks to all who participated. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and some of the information you shared has already inspired our team. So, without further ado, here’s a look at what we found.

“I’m ready to take action.”

Over half of survey respondents (53%) had either never volunteered and were looking for inspiration, or had volunteered previously and were looking to get back into action. Of respondents who identified as current volunteers, 48% were involved with two or more projects. This helpful information reaffirms the decision to include part-time opportunities and suggestions for readers—including micro-volunteering, virtual volunteering and simple ways to volunteer in your community.

“I give back when I can, in more ways than one.”

Only a small percentage of volunteers indicated they were active full time, which makes sense given today’s increasing work and life demands. But 88% of respondents who volunteer said they’re contributing two or more hours per week. And of the topics that interested readers most, working with seniors and combatting hunger were top of the list, with service to children, veterans, animals and the environment not far behind.

“Keep the good ideas coming.”

When it comes to content, ideas for volunteering are what you want to read about most, as well as tips and strategies to help you be the best volunteer you can be. Many of you shared personal stories about how volunteering has impacted your life, and these are especially helpful as we consider future projects and events. If you shared your contact information, we may reach out to you for more information as part of a future story.

Thank you again, readers, for participating in our survey. And for helping us, help you, find new ways to Create The Good.

For the latest ideas to make a difference in your community, and online, check out this fast and easy volunteer search.

The art of volunteering

The art of volunteering

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Volunteer with Fluffy or Fido

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