Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Create The Good wants to share the good things being done by people like you!

Please tell us the story of how you - or someone you know - made a positive difference in your community. You may inspire others to say "I can do that!"

John Solon

What kinds of stories are we interested in? Any account of meaningful service that could move others to act. Here is an inspiring example:

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, and much of the country rallied to the aid of distressed and displaced residents. Then most of us got back to our own lives. But Solon has not slacked in his efforts to rebuild New Orleans. Neither has his daughter, Molly.

Listen to John Solon's story.

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What inspired you to participate in this activity? (Example)

I love to garden and be outside

I always wanted to tutor kids in math and once I retired I finally had the time

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Describe your activity (Example)

I give tours at my community garden and teach people about how to garden at home and how to get involved with the community garden

Tutoring 3 5th graders 2x per week

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Describe how your activity benefited your community. Did your activity affect your life as well? (Example)

Increased interest in community gardening, we've started 2 new gardens this year

10 hours a week of one-on-one tutoring in math

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Is there any other info you would like to share? (Example)

I would like to learn about community gardens around the country on Create The Good

We need more math tutors like me!!!