Project for Clean Up a River!

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Have you ever noticed the litter that is piling up in your local river or stream? It takes away from the beauty and safety of the waterway. Well, you can do something about it. By leading a waterway cleanup effort with others in your community, you can help make your river or stream a safer, healthier place for wildlife and people.

Rivers and streams provide 65% of our nation’s drinking water.

The Problem

Millions of tons of trash end up in our nation’s rivers and streams every year. And it’s more than just an eyesore; it can contaminate your drinking water and threaten the life of all who depend on it.

The Solution

You can organize a waterway cleanup in your community! Create the Good has partnered with American Rivers to make it easier for you to get involved. This how-to guide will take you step-by-step to organize your own river cleanup.

Through the National River Cleanup Program™, more than one million people have removed 13 million pounds of litter from rivers across America.

Time Commitment

Around 10 hours to prepare and recruit for the cleanup. And a half day to a full day for the event.

Special Considerations

No special skills needed.

Who can do this?

Anyone who can walk or boat along a stream, riverbank, or beach and pick up litter.

Great Reasons to do this Project

  • You’ll see instant results as you help the environment!
  • It’s good for the community.
  • You’ll get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air.
  • You can meet new people.