Project for Help Feed a Family in Need

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Help stop hunger in the U.S. one family at a time. Join with friends to start a local chapter of Family-to-Family and send a monthly box of groceries to families in need. Individuals may also choose to sponsor a family through a monthly donation. It’s a simple but profound connection between families.

The Problem

Often, families relying on food stamps and food banks encounter bare pantries by the end of the third week of each month. The Family-to-Family program augments Federal and local food aid to supply food for this crucial time.

The Solution

Each month, one family sponsors another family with a monthly contribution to Family-to-Family, a non-profit, national hunger relief program that provides needy American families with basic life necessities during difficult times. Recipient families are vetted, and groceries provided, by Family-to-Family. Or, volunteers can form a local chapter to send monthly food boxes to families in need.

Local chapters are given the tools, infrastructure and professional support of Family-to-Family.

Time Commitment

As little as five minutes per month to maintain a personal connection with the sponsored family, or up to five hours a month to manage a chapter, once it’s up and running.

Special Considerations

This volunteer activity can be done by anyone. No special skills are needed. The minimum donation is about $30 per month.

Who can do this?

Individuals or groups can join the program and small groups of five to 10 families can start a chapter. Strong organizational skills are recommended for chapter initiation.

Great Reasons to do this Project

Sponsoring a family can be a meaningful way to teach empathy and caring because sending life’s necessities is such a concrete way to give. It is also a great multigenerational activity for grandparents and grandkids to do together. Kids can help shop for the food, pack the box, draw a picture for their family or write a letter.