Project for Help Feed a Family in Need

The Basic Steps

For Individuals: How to Sponsor a Family

Individuals or Families can Cyber-Sponsor a Family in Need

Sponsoring a family in need is easy with a monthly credit card donation that helps defray the cost of groceries. Family-to-Family matches families and encourages ongoing communication through letters or email. The recipients can check email or receive mail at their local outreach center when they pick up their food or grocery coupons. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose a community

Choose a community you’d like to help for a period of twelve months. View the list of sponsored communities at Complete your online donation. All it takes is a minimum monthly credit or debit card donation of about $30 that will pay for five to seven meals worth of groceries for the sponsor family every month.

All funds are used for food except for a small credit card transaction fee.

Step 2: Complete an online donation

After you complete your online donation, send an email to with your name and address and chosen community, and Family-to-Family will send you the name of your sponsored family, information about them, and the address of the local community outreach center where you can communicate with your selected family.

Step 3: Support your family in other ways

Additional participation may include sending your sponsored family a monthly drive item (a non-food necessity like winter gloves, toothpaste or shampoo) or you can join the One Book At A Time program and send a gently used children’s book each month to the family you’re sponsoring. This helps to promote literacy and helps the family build a mini home library.



We want to hear stories ( about how you helped give back to your community. You just might inspire others to do the same.


Remember, whether you’ve got five minutes, five hours or five days, you can make a positive impact in your community. And if you have more time, consider organizing another service activity, finding local opportunities and posting your events at