Project for Help Feed a Family in Need

For Groups – How to Start a Chapter, Cyber-Sponsorship Program

A cyber-sponsorship program enables you to start a chapter of donating families without incurring shipping costs. Each family will provide enough funds so that Family-to-Family can purchase food for each sponsored family while maintaining a personal connection with their receiving family.

The only difference between this program and the Food Box program described above is that this program enables the delivery of local produce and vegetables, and costs less to manage, as chapters alleviate shipping costs for food boxes. Contact Family-to-Family at to get started!

Monthly Cost for Cyber-Sponsorship Program

Develop a more personal connection by including a letter or photo in each box. Encourage children to send their gently-used toys or books.

Members of the donating chapter donate $30 per month for grocery purchases for their sponsored families. In addition, families in the chapter are asked to shop for one item each month – the “monthly drive” item, (e.g. warm gloves, cold medicines, or toothbrushes).

Each family drops off the monthly drive item (along with a letter to “their” family and the $30 check to Family-to-Family) in a zip-lock bag with the sponsored family’s name on it, to a central location - usually the Chapter Chair’s home. The Chapter Chair then packs everyone’s purchase and, letters in a box and ships them to the community coordinator in the receiving community.