Project for Help Others Outsmart Investment Fraud

Tip Sheet: Easy Steps to Help Others Outsmart Investment Fraud

Protecting friends, family and yourself from investment fraud shouldn’t be intimidating. In fact, we have a few easy activities you can do in under an hour to help a neighbor or family member outsmart investment fraud!

  • Order the free “Trick$ of the Trade: Outsmarting Investment Fraud” DVD for a friend.
    • Visit or call 866-973-4672 to order a free, hour-long documentary that uncovers the persuasion tactics con artists use to defraud victims and basic tools to help defend against fraud.
    • Encourage others to order the DVD.
  • Help protect friends from investment fraud.
    • Help friends recognize if they are at risk of investment fraud or are already being scammed.
      • Visit — a free online resource developed by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation — to check out the Risk Meter or Scam Meter and help your friend answer the questions.
    • Check to see if a financial professional is registered.
      • Ask your friend for the investment seller’s name and his/her company (if possible).
      • Log onto and follow the prompts.
      • Call 888-295-7422 if you have questions or to search by phone.
    • Check to see if an investment product is registered.
  • Contact your state securities regulator.
    • Get information about an investment seller or file a complaint against one if you believe they’ve engaged in fraudulent practices.
    • Find your state securities regulator at or call 202-737-0900.
  • Reduce a friend’s exposure to sales pitches.
    • Sign a friend up for the Do Not Call list by visiting or calling 888-382-1222.
    • Help a friend take their name and address off of direct mail marketing lists by visiting