Project for Help Someone Get the Food They Need - It’s a SNAP!

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If you have a friend, neighbor or relative who needs help paying for food, there’s aid money available. This toolkit will help you to help others get the aid they need.

The Problem

An estimated 3.6 million people aged 65 and over live in poverty in the United States. Most of these people could be receiving food assistance. But only 34 percent of eligible older Americans get that food assistance. That leaves millions of food-aid dollars untouched. The most common reason? People don’t realize they’re eligible!

The Solution

Help someone to sign up for food assistance programs like SNAP (formerly the Food Stamp Program). By helping a friend or neighbor access these benefits, you’ll help to improve their health – by easing the anxiety that comes with financial stress and helping them get the money they need to buy food.

To help someone apply for SNAP, visit AARP benefits QuickLINK, a webpage sponsored by the AARP Foundation. This FREE, confidential online tool helps people determine if they are eligible for programs that help cover the costs for groceries, medicine, utilities and health care without ever entering a bank account or Social Security number. The Food benefits section of the website focuses just on food assistance, and provides all the forms and information you need to apply for SNAP in your state. Note: The benefits QuickLINK website is in English but you can also print out Spanish copies of most of the SNAP applications from the website.

Eligible for SNAP? If someone has monthly income of around $1,000/month or less, and/or struggles to make ends meet, there is a chance they might be eligible.

Time Commitment

From 15 minutes to a few hours.

Special Considerations


Who can do this?

Anyone with internet access.

Great Reasons to do this Project

You'll be helping someone who really needs it. This is a chance to be a great neighbor and a trusted friend, and it doesn’t require much time.