Project for Help Spot Medicare Fraud


Medical identity theft and Medicare fraud and abuse are serious issues. You can help others spot fraud, theft and errors by reviewing the Summary Notices your loved ones receive from Medicare.

The Problem

Medical identity theft and Medicare fraud cost all of us over $60 billion every year, and that figure doesn’t account for the hassle and disruptions in health care to the victims.

The Solution

By knowing what “red flags” to look for on Medicare Summary Notices (MSN), you can help your loved ones know how to spot potential fraud, abuse or medical ID theft. This guide will help you spot those flags – and will tell you what to do when you see them.

Time Commitment

From 10 minutes to read a clean and accurate MSN to a couple hours if, for example, you spot problems and have to make some phone calls to sort out the issues.

Special Considerations


Who can do this?

Everyone who has a friend, neighbor or loved one who uses Medicare.

Great Reasons to do this Project

  • Help stop health care fraud
  • Help stop medical identity theft
  • Help a loved one keep track of their health expenses