Project for How to Hold a Used Book Sale


The proceeds from used book sales can help provide funding for local community programs. Used book sales are also a wonderful opportunity to help others in need through the world of literature, while meeting folks in your community and having fun.

The Problem

Local community organizations often have a specific need that can be filled through a donation of money. In addition, local libraries are often looking for more books to support their collection. Many individuals are looking for book bargains, and there are plenty of books collecting dust on a bookshelf that would make a great bedtime read for someone else.

The Solution

Organize or participate in a community used book sale. Proceeds from the sale can support an identified community need. A used book sale provides affordable literature for readers of all ages and gives people the opportunity to clean out their bookshelves with already-read books. Plus, libraries or nursing homes can add to their collection if they can use some of the books not sold in the book sale.

Time Commitment

The estimated commitment for the organizer is approximately 10 to 15 hours over the course of eight weeks. Other volunteer roles can take 2 to 10 hours.

Special Considerations


Who can do this?

Anyone with a few hours or more to volunteer.

Great Reasons to do this Project

  • Raise funds to support community programs in need.
  • Promote reading in an affordable way.
  • Encourage community volunteerism and involvement.
  • Recirculate materials in environmentally responsible ways.
  • Help promote a love of reading and learning.