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Home energy costs continue to rise, but there are many simple, do-it-yourself ways to cut home energy expenses. You can help friends, family and neighbors conserve energy and, as an added bonus, save money on energy bills. All it's going to take is a simple checklist of handy tips proven to reduce energy costs.

The Problem

A lot of people just don’t know that there are simple things to do around the house to cut down on energy use and, as a result, conserve resources and save money.

The Solution

Help others save energy – and money! Using our checklist, do a quick walk-through of your friends’ or neighbors’ homes to spot easy tasks that will conserve energy and save money. In many cases, you and the resident can knock out the tasks in minutes during your visit.

Time Commitment

It varies, depending on the size of the home. Count on spending an hour or two for a typical walk-through.

Reducing the water heater temperature by 20 degrees can save nearly $50 a year.

Special Considerations

This is pretty easy. No special skills required.

Who can do this?


Great Reasons to do this Project

It’s easy, and every little bit helps. You'll be doing good for the environment and your friends’ and family members’ wallets.