Project for Operation Fight Fraud


This Fraud Fighters Do It Yourself (DIY) toolkit was created for you to help family, friends, and neighbors educate themselves on the risks of consumer fraud. By following a few simple steps, you can help take action and minimize the incidence of fraud.

The Problem

Although people over age 65 make up only an eighth of the U.S. population, they constitute as many as a third of all scam victims. The reasons for this disproportionate vulnerability may be related to memory loss, loneliness, and a more trusting nature. Scammers approach their victims by phone, by mail, and by e-mail and scams can involve identity theft, insurance fraud, investment fraud, credit card charges, phony lotteries, and fake sweepstakes.

The Solution

Learn how to use available resources to help get others to check their credit reports, remove their information from untrustworthy call lists and mailing lists, and shred their unneeded personal documents.

Time Commitment

From 15 minutes to a few hours.

Special Considerations


Who can do this?

Anyone who wants to help protect themselves and others in their community from fraud!

Great Reasons to do this Project

You will help spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors on how to avoid scams.