Project for Sidewalks and Streets Survey

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Communities can make walking safer by teaching small groups to take simple “walkability” surveys and then taking recommended actions for community improvements. Your involvement will make a difference to people you care about.

The Problem

Too many communities in the United States are designed for automobile travel, with very little consideration given to the needs of walkers. Lack of sidewalks, construction of sidewalks too close to roads and lack of maintenance are all factors that discourage people from walking regularly.

The Solution

You can help make walking safer by teaching small groups to take simple “walkability” surveys. Once people rate an area and identify concerns, the group can take action to improve walkability. This toolkit will help you do that.

Time Commitment

About an hour to complete a walkability survey. More time to follow up and pursue the needed improvements; this will depend on the extent of improvements and community cooperation to get the work done.

Special Considerations


After driving, walking is the most popular means of travel in the United States. It’s easy, cheap and gentle on the body and environment.

Who can do this?


Great Reasons to do this Project

  • Increase exercise opportunities for your community.
  • Boost social interaction among neighbors by creating a walking-friendly environment.
  • Helping reduce traffic congestion and pollution by leaving the car at home.
  • Increase property values: Walkable communities are associated with higher home values!