Project for Sidewalks and Streets Survey

Additional Online Resources

Pedestrian Mobility and Safety — Audit Guide

This guide, written by AARP and the Institute of Transportation Engineers, explains the numerous issues related to pedestrian safety and mobility. It includes photos of what to look for and findings from surveys in four cities.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information

Information includes walking basics, solutions and resources.

Walk Wise, Drive

Learn from the experience of Hendersonville, NC, which is building community support to create pedestrian-friendly environments for older adults.


Many articles to help you stay the course and keep walking.

The Getting Around

This AARP guide can help you take advantage of fun, healthy, and economic ways for getting around your community, including walking, biking, and taking public transportation.

Model Design Manual for Living Streets

The Model Street Design Manual was created by national experts in living streets concepts. The manual aims to have balanced street design that ensures safe and comfortable travel for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users while also accommodating cars. The manual includes ways to make streets beautiful, environmentally sustainable, and lively.