Project for Sidewalks and Streets Survey

Comfort and Appeal

Section F

Please complete page for the entire walkable area on your survey map.

Day of week: _______________ Time observation began: ________ a.m. / p.m.

Date: _____________________ Time observation ended: ________ a.m. / p.m.

Directions: Place a checkmark below next to any items that are a problem for walkers and note:

  • What might especially be a problem for a child, senior or person with disabilities?
  • Note landmarks, streets or sides of streets (north, south, east or west) on the blank line to the right of each item you check.

Problems for walkers / Location

☐ Need shade trees ___________________________

☐ Need grass, flowers, landscaping ___________________________

☐ Need benches and places to rest ___________________________

☐ Grass/landscaping needs maintenance ___________________________

☐ Need water fountains and bathrooms ___________________________

☐ Need sidewalk leading to bus stop ___________________________

☐ Bus stop doesn’t have shelter ___________________________

☐ Bus stop doesn’t have adequate lighting ___________________________

☐ There is graffiti or vacant/run-down buildings ___________________________

☐ There is trash on the route ___________________________

☐ Other (please specify) ___________________________________________



Overall rating of comfort/appeal in walk survey area:

☐ Excellent ☐ Good ☐ Fair ☐ Poor