Project for Start ― or Join ― A Community Garden!


Do you have a green thumb or would you like to have a greener thumb? Consider starting or joining a community garden! Growing fruits and veggies is a great way to use your skills while discovering new gardening talents and helping your community.

The Problem

Some communities are struggling to purchase fresh and healthy food for their families. Local food pantries and other organizations whose mission is to provide food to those in need are seeing an increase in need and a decrease in donations. As for us, we’re always on the go-go-go. When it comes to buying food, we don’t always pay attention to where it comes from or how it was grown.

The Solution

Start or join a community—or a school—garden! You’ll work with your neighbors and community members to grow nutritious, healthy fruits and veggies that you know came from a good source. And, you can share your bountiful harvest and newfound skills with local community organizations who feed the hungry.

Time Commitment

A few hours to join an existing garden. Numerous days (spread out in manageable chunks) to start a garden.

Special Considerations

Starting a new garden can take some time. It won’t happen overnight, so be prepared to follow this project through even if it takes a bit longer than expected. But remember, the end results are worth the wait!

Who can do this?

Anyone who can do moderate physical activity. Also, you should be comfortable getting dirty!

Great Reasons to do this Project

  • It will help you connect with the community.
  • You can help provide fresh food to those in need.
  • Your family will have access to healthy and nutritious food.
  • You’ll preserve green space in your neighborhood.
  • You’ll get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air.