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Start a Women’s Giving Circle

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Giving circles are a way of organizing many people to give contributions to the same charitable causes. Where one person may not always see the impact of a single donation to a charity, the giving circle method can make a significant impact on a charity through multiple or sustained donations. All you need are members, a financial commitment and a worthy cause.

The Problem

Nonprofit organizations are reeling from the economy and the good work that they do is in jeopardy. Another problem is that some people want to give but don’t believe they can make a difference with a small amount of money.

The Solution

Women from different backgrounds and professions can become change agents in their community by organizing many contributions, through the giving circle, to select charities. Members not only help to fund different non-profit organizations, they can also choose to offer their time and talent. In return, they build a new, social network and bolster community resources.

Time Commitment

This varies depending on level of participation. The time commitment may range from as few as eight hours a year for quarterly meeting participation to up to 25 hours a month to lead the giving circle, which would include running monthly meetings, vetting potential donor organizations and organizing community activities.

Special Considerations

This volunteer activity can be done by anyone. All that is needed is passion and the commitment to make a difference.

Who can do this?

Most giving circles are groups of women who are grounded in a tradition of volunteerism and sharing. These women bring a legacy of community engagement and welcome all who are interested in contributing. Giving circles can be small and informal – a neighborhood potluck, for instance – with a few people pooling their money and giving it to a chosen charity or they can be highly organized and involve contributions of thousands of dollars and demonstrate a commitment of many years.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” —diane mariechild

Great Reasons to do this Project

Women can become change agents in their community with a small contribution of time and money.