People Giving Back in their Own Way
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10/23/2012 | 02:09AM


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Jane Stephenson – Providing Opportunity for Low-income Women
Lexington, KY
New Opportunity School for Women, Inc.

"The New Opportunity School for Women, which has expanded to North Carolina at Lees-McRae College, helps women age 30 to 60 in very difficult straits."

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Wanda Whitsitt – Offering a Transportation Bridge for Families in Need
Champaign, IL
Lifeline Pilots

"Lifeline Pilots facilitates free air transport for people who do not have the resources to travel for pressing medical or humanitarian needs – such as reaching a medical center for diagnosis or treatment, caring for a loved one or saying a final goodbye."

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J. Christopher (JC) Cox – Preventing Teen Suicide
Denver, CO
Second Wind Fund of Metro Denver

"Second Wind provides free professional counseling to under-insured or uninsured suicidal teenagers at 300 Denver-area schools.  To date, it has served more than 2,500 children, potentially saving as many lives."

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Joan Jacobs Brumberg – Supporting Hospice Care
Ithaca, NY
Hospicare and Palliative Care Services of Tomkins County

"We raised $320,000 on this year’s swim – and have raised $1.2 million overall – to help Hospicare fund care for the under- and uninsured..."

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Karen Stark – Honoring Our Troops
Edmond, OK
The Hugs Project

"The cooling ties, nicknamed “hugs” because they are worn around the neck, can be lifesavers, helping soldiers avoid heat stroke in areas where temperatures can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit."

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Donna Ohmstead – Repairing Homes for Low-Income Families
Forest City, NC
Rutherford Housing Partnership, Inc.

"Our group has traveled to the Gulf region three times to aid in Katrina relief and worked in other areas of North Carolina, but the majority of our efforts focus on this very rural, very economically depressed county we live in and love."

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Michael Dove – Fighting Childhood Obesity
Salinas, CA
Big Sur International Marathon JUST RUN Program

"JUST RUN not only allows classes to cooperatively accumulate mileage in “virtual runs” that are tracked on the website but also encourages kids to respect each other and help their friends and family members by performing good deeds."

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I would have to comment on the Hospice for uninsured and underinsured. It was very helpful to me when my Mother needed it. I would hope all people could receive the care she did when they need it, insurance or not!

Donna Druckenmiller (not verified) | 3 years ago |

These are the heros that live among us. What an impact one person can have with the will! Thank you all for inspiring me to think about what I can do.

Jade (not verified) | 3 years ago |

These are all really fantastic!

Anonymous (not verified) | 3 years ago |

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