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Create The Good connects you with volunteer opportunities to share your life experiences, skills, and passions where you are needed the most.

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Our story

Everyone has some good to do.

AARP Was founded by Ethel Percy Andrus
when she was 73.

“The Challenge, to live up to our better selves,
to believe well of our fellow men and perhaps by doing so to help create the good, to experiment,
to explore, to change, and to grow.”

Ethel Percy Andrus

Our Beginnings

AARP has always been about service. The Association was founded by a volunteer, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, more than 50 years ago, and is guided to this day by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and National Policy Council. Each of AARP’s 53 state offices (which include the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) receive direction and support from an all-volunteer Executive Council and extended volunteer team. And AARP manages several major volunteerism initiatives.

However, AARP recognizes that many Boomers and older Americans are already giving back to their communities in their own ways – and that a regular volunteer “position” isn’t a good fit for everyone. With limited time and wide-ranging interests, many individuals are looking for more flexible volunteer options. That’s why AARP established Create the Good.

Create The Good honors Dr. Andrus’ guiding principle “to serve, not to be served,” but expands on traditional ways to volunteer by connecting people with simple activities, time-flexible opportunities and a wide variety of interests. Check out all the ways that you can use your life experiences, skills and passions in your community today.

Facts About Ethel

  • Lived her life by the motto,
    “To serve, not to be served,” which remains the AARP motto.
  • A long-time educator and first woman high-school principal in CA.
  • She founded AARP in 1958 at the age of 73.
  • She was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1993.

“Remember, one person with faith & love for his fellows is equal to the force of ninety-nine with only selfish interests.”

Ethel Percy Andrus