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Build your volunteer corps

Whether you’re a volunteer yourself or a non-profit organization needing help, here are some simple ideas to get more people involved.

Spin a social web.
Use your social network to reach friends – and even friends of friends. Start with the major channels you use every day, or create a neighborhood distribution list. And why stop at just one post? Build excitement and increase exposure by spreading the word about a week before.

Reach out to local schools.
Students are often looking for community service opportunities – and sometimes it’s even part of their curriculum, or they just want a well-rounded resume. Start by calling your local schools to find out if any student organizations are looking for ways to volunteer.

Talk to anyone, and everyone.
This is a time to go beyond the usual family and friends. Have your eyes set on everyone around you – from coworkers to neighbors and people you meet at the coffee shop. When you start seeing more people as potential volunteers, you might be surprised at the connections you’ll make.

Show your flexibility.
Time commitment can be a factor that keeps people from signing up. When you share volunteer opportunities, be sure to allow for varying levels of involvement. This includes different times of the day – and adding shorter bursts or ways to chip in from anywhere. Because even with a busy schedule, people can always find a few minutes to make a difference.

Give them a title.
Instead of looking for volunteers, what if you were looking for Race Day Wranglers or Kitchen Helpers? Adding a fun title can help describe the volunteer role – and more importantly, get people interested to be a part of it.

Know your stuff.
While you’re talking to potential volunteers, they’ll probably have questions. Make sure you know all the specifics, especially around the purpose, goals and organization. It’s also helpful if you have a website or print handout ready to share.

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