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Tricks to make Halloween volunteering a treat

Halloween may be a time to scare. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to share. Here are some tips to help treat your community to a safe and memorable event, and inspire the next generation to Create the Good.

Safety comes in all shapes and sizes.
(Volunteer Commitment: 30 minutes)

Candy safety is just one of the important safety measures parents must consider on Halloween. Costume, driver and neighborhood safety are additional considerations, and the safekids.org site does a great job organizing them into a single document. You can quickly share their safety tips with your community by posting them on your social media site and even download their safety tips in Spanish.

It’s a night for the young and the young at heart.
(Volunteer Commitment: 1+ hours)

Do you know a senior in your community who’d like to celebrate Halloween but no longer lives in a neighborhood with kids? Invite him or her to hand out candy at your home, help your kids carve a pumpkin and take Halloween photos. If your own kids have friends who live in apartments or remote neighborhoods where trick-or-treating isn’t feasible, you can invite them to spend the evening in your neighborhood as well.

Who’s up for a scary movie?
(Volunteer Commitment: 5+ hours)

What better way stay safe and have Halloween fun than with a scary movie night? Coordinate with parents in your neighborhood to see if anyone has a projector or is willing to host. Then gather together for the movie before it gets too late. You’ll help keep the kids off the street and maybe even start an annual tradition.

Arrange a festive fundraiser.
(Volunteer Commitment: 10-20 hours)

Halloween is a great holiday to bring your whole community together and help a good cause. Play the Halloween channel on your streaming audio service and enlist neighbors with culinary talents to bake apple pies, cookies and treats to sell. Then donate the proceeds to a worthy cause in your area. Have a fire pit? Read your favorite scary stories to guests as they huddle around the fire, and have everyone bring their old books to create your own book drive.

There’s nothing sweeter than making your community a better place. Find more inspiration and get started today!

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