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Making communities livable for all ages

Livable communities are great places for all people of all ages. They provide safe, walkable streets; age-friendly housing and transportation options; access to needed services; and opportunities for residents of all ages to participate in community life. Livable communities also offer plenty of opportunities to get involved and volunteer.

Take the plunge.
One of the easiest ways to get involved with livable communities is to first get to know your own. Take a look at how your community scores on the AARP Livability Index and compare it to other communities in the nation. This tool considers everything from housing availability and transportation efficiency, to environmental health and work/volunteer opportunities. You can compare communities based on specific factors, and learn more about how to make your community a better place for people of all ages.

Support the idea.
Want to learn more? You can volunteer to get the word out by sharing information about livable communities with your family or friends. Many communities already have momentum for transformation, and many of the tools to get there are already in place. They just need a little more support from interested people like you. The new step-by step AARP Roadmap to Livability collection is a good place to start.

Help move a community from good, to great.
Livable communities initiatives are rapidly expanding in communities across the nation. In fact, there are well over 250 members of the Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities as of June 2018. Find the nearest one, and find out how you can volunteer to help it get even better. You can also keep up to date with the latest news, developments and opportunities when you subscribe to the free AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter. For more ideas and community service inspiration, check out this local volunteer search.

Turn Houses Into Homes

Turn Houses Into Homes

Volunteering to make new neighbors welcome can benefit the entire community.

Start - or Join - a Community Garden

Start or Join a Community Garden

Work with neighbors to grow healthy fruits and veggies - and share your bounty with those in need.