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Honor Veterans with Service

Give Back on Memorial Day

Our military service members represent one percent of our population, but they protect the entire nation. We rely on them to keep us safe every day, and while serving, they may miss birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and so many of the daily moments we spend with the people we love.

But they don’t have to make these sacrifices alone. From spreading awareness to donating goods and connecting families to support, there are many ways to help.

Memorial Day is an opportunity to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and give back to living veterans. This May, celebrate by doing good in ways that improve veterans’ lives.

Donate goods, services and more

You can help provide emergency assistance to and improve the morale of our troops and their families through Operation Homefront. Try volunteering with Operation Homefront, raising funds locally, helping soldiers directly, donating goods or services or participating in Team Operation Homefront, the organization’s series of fundraising endurance events. And next time you’re buying items online, consider purchasing one of the items on the organization’s wish list.

Do you have a vehicle you’re not using much? Are you thinking about selling it? Consider donating it to The Military Order of the Purple Heart, a national organization of combat-wounded veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart. Your donation goes directly to financial and educational support for veterans and legal representation for veterans’ claims. They will also pick up clothes and home goods from your home.

Honor Flight flies veterans to Washington, DC to visit memorials built in honor of their service. Top priority is given to seniors and terminally ill veterans. Donating is a great way to help a veteran see firsthand the nation’s gratitude.

Help wounded veterans

There are more injured U.S. veterans today than at any time in our history, and you can aid the organizations that are helping them.

If service members are severely injured after rehabilitation, they need a new home base. Homes for Our Troops provides mortgage-free, specially-adapted homes. If you’ve got a carpenter’s eye, want to learn about construction or have building materials to spare, pitch in on-site. You can also help cover building costs by putting together a team, joining an existing one or going solo to raise money.

Strengthen military families

Help ensure our military families get the rights and benefits they deserve by volunteering with The National Military Family Association. There are scholarships for spouses, camps for kids and much more. You’ll form lasting friendships while changing lives—and the training and mentoring you’ll receive may also benefit you at work and with your own family and friends.

What are the best ways for military families to thrive while a parent is deployed? With the support of other families. Military Kids Connect forms communities where children and parents in military families can connect with each other, forging relationships and finding support. Spread the word to military families you know, or mention it on social media.

Start giving back

Explore more ideas at Create the Good and start doing good for Memorial Day. Take the small steps that make a big difference in a veteran’s life.

How to Help Now

Want a five-minute or five-hour project? Check out our go-to guide for helping military members. Whether you’re saying thanks or sending a toy, you can help with any amount of time and effort.

Spread the Wings of Service with Luke's Wings

Luke’s Wings provides travel agency services and tickets to military families so they can spend quality time with service members during hospitalization and rehabilitation. Luke’s Wings also reunites veterans in hospice care with loved ones.

Giving is a great way to help a service member recover, and you can donate individually or as a corporation.