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Go green

Going green no longer means driving a bag of cans miles away to a facility, and inserting them, one-by-one, into a large machine. Today, there are many simple, easy and effective ways you can divert trash from landfills and decrease the consumption of new materials. Here are a few ideas you can put into practice right away.

Get the whole office on the same green team.

Does your office have a recycling program in place? Do you work in a building with multiple offices where you could make an even bigger difference? With a few simple steps, you can put together a green team in your office. Talk to your waste disposal company about procuring additional recycling containers and how best to streamline and sort your program for maximum effect. If formalizing a program with your waste service proves too tall a task, find a local recycling site and set up a team to make weekly deliveries.

Make an impact in your community.

According to Do it Green, Minnesota, “Organics include all food waste and non-recyclable or food-soiled paper products and can make up approximately 25 percent of what we throw away.” You can start an organics recycling program in your community with their step-by step guide. Want to inspire the next generation to be cleaner and greener, too? Here’s how to get kids involved in their own recycling program. Whether you’re at home, work, or on the go Keep America Beautiful has a guide to improving recycling habits. Just a few small steps can make a really big impact. And if you have more time to spare, you can always make a difference as a volunteer.

Clean out the medicine cabinet.

Household prescription medications are extremely dangerous in young hands, and many expired medications can have a detrimental impact on your health. It’s important to take medications exactly as prescribed, and properly dispose of them when you’ve completed your course. April 28th is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. There’s no time like the present to locate a nearby collection site and dispose of unused meds. Many local police stations and pharmacies accept unused medications throughout the year. The FDA is another helpful resource for proper medication disposal.

Discover even more “green” volunteer opportunities in your local community with this simple volunteer search and keyword “recycle.”

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