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Your Experience Matters!

As a current or former health care professional, you have highly valued skills and expertise to offer. But how do you find the right volunteer opportunity to share what you know?

A nearby hospital, clinic or nonprofit community organization may be in desperate need of your talents, but how do you make that connection? You can't simply arrive at the doorstep of your nearby hospital, clinic or nonprofit community agency and be put to work. And many volunteer sites don’t post skilled volunteer opportunities.

Create the Good is here to help! This FREE resource has launched an initiative designed specifically to connect skilled healthcare professionals with healthcare and nonprofit organizations in need. And we’ve been connecting with healthcare service agencies to find interesting, meaningful and much-needed volunteer service opportunities in the skilled healthcare realm. Why not take a look?

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Volunteer Opportunities in 20003

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Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering allows for healthcare
providers to:

  • Serve patients in new and challenging ways
  • Seek less stressful, more altruistic service
  • Continue to serve after retiring from practice
  • Explore new endeavors with openness, creativity and flexibility
  • Rediscover an old passion
  • Experience unique settings and schedules

Volunteer positions can include:

  • Clinical care: treatments, exams
  • Comfort care: feeding, ADLs, massage
  • Educating patient and families
  • Disaster relief, preparedness, blood donation service